The Mystic Pen

Remembering the Extraordinary Life of Indo-Muslim Scholar,
Dr. Annemarie Schimmel (1922-2003)

Hosted by Katherine Schimmel Baki 


“Make thirsty me, O friend, give me no water! Let me so love that sleep flees from my door!"

The Mystic Pen is an ongoing series which is also hosted by Katherine Schimmel Baki at Wild River Review. The intention of the series is to continue the "spirit" of Annemarie by reflecting on her life and scholarly work through the voices of her family, friends, colleagues and  former students.  Here you will find transcriptions of Annemarie’s lecture series, The Phenomenology of Islam, which she taught at Harvard University each Spring up until 1992, alongside interviews and personal essays by former colleagues, students and friends. This website contains the complete Mystic Pen series and as such, will be continuously updated as new interviews, stories and lectures are posted.