The Mystic Pen

Remembering the Extraordinary Life of Indo-Muslim Scholar,
Dr. Annemarie Schimmel (1922-2003)

Hosted by Katherine Schimmel Baki 

Katherine Schimmel Baki

Katherine Schimmel Baki is Director of Global Partnerships at Wild River Review and co-founder of Haut>art. She has a longstanding interest in the perceptual dynamics of visual and aural phenomena and how this translates into what become a region's unique cultural footprints.

She holds a BA degree in Professional Music from Berklee College of Music and a graduate degree (ALM) in the field of Middle Eastern Studies from Harvard University. While at Harvard, she studied under her aunt, Professor Annemarie Schimmel (during Dr. Schimmel’s last semester at Harvard) and Dr. Ali Asani, who was her thesis advisor and is also a long-time student of Annemarie’s.

Katherine has spent a considerable amount of time in the Middle East conducting original research on the 'Adhan, the Islamic oral call to prayer. Her field work in Cairo resulted in a dissertation entitled, Hayya ‘ala al-Salat: The Socio-Religious Impact of the 'Adhan on the Muslim Community of Cairo.

She is fascinated by oral traditions and in particular, how sound disseminates over vast regions and adapts to the culture over time. Her current research interests center around the very first 'Adhan, the path it travelled throughout the Near East and beyond as well as its current, modern day use in the Islamic world.  At Wild River Review, she is currently working on a project which has yet to be launched called Trade Routes, whose mission will be to educate and inspire the western world toward a greater understanding and appreciation of the ancient-modern Near East.

In 2005-2006, she was part of the team that created and built the award-winning Quark Park, located in Princeton, New Jersey. The goal of the park was to unite compelling discoveries in science with art through the creation of a hands-on, aurally and visually interactive 18,000 square foot science park in the heart of town. Quark Park has won several awards and more recently has been the subject of a documentary film.