The Mystic Pen

Remembering the Extraordinary Life of Indo-Muslim Scholar,
Dr. Annemarie Schimmel (1922-2003)

Hosted by Katherine Schimmel Baki 


Here the reader will find a series of transcriptions of Annemarie's course, The Phenomenology of Islam, which she taught at Harvard until 1992 and which culminated in a book with the same title. The tapes, which are in the process of being transcribed below, are permanent aural records of her very last lectures at Harvard  that Spring... lectures which I had attended and my dear friend Azimat happened to record. It is perhaps important to note that I have taken the liberty of naming each lecture for convenience only, drawing from the general overall theme presented within. Annemarie did not typically name her individual course lectures as there would have been no need to do so.

It has been a somewhat difficult yet strangely calming endeavor to hear the voice of a deceased loved one fill the room once more. And so, it is my sincerest hope that this series will prove useful to students in the field and anyone else who should want to peer into the profoundly beautiful world that Annemarie at one point inhabited, illuminated, and called her own.

Harvard Lecture Series, Spring 1992